With over 15 years experience, Sandy has mastered a system that creates beautiful, sexy, 100% human hair that is undetectable, comfortable and very low maintenance. She first wore them herself for years before deciding that this was something she wanted to share with her clients.

This is great for people with thin hair who just want to thicken it up. This is also the best bet for lengthening and doing crazy colored streaks. It comes in any texture and length and you can wear these extensions for up to five and a half months. You can brush, wash, style and heat them as you would your own natural hair. No need for concern when you swim, work out or even color your hair. Greatlengths uses 100% human hair. It is attached with a keratin protein bond that is undetectable and never destroys your hair like glue, resin, wax, thread or metal bonds. The Greatlengths removal solution makes it simple to take them out when the time comes. No harsh acetone and no sticky residue.

She only uses Enzyme Developers for all of her hair colors and bleaches. With enzyme developers, there is no need for hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is what causes breakage, split ends and color fading With enzymes, your hair will be left with more shine, elasticity, longer lasting color and 80% less damage. Hair color takes half the time and gray coverage is perfect. Enzymes are 100% safe to color hair while pregnant.

Initial in person consultations are ALWAYS required. Call or email Sandy to setup a consultation. She guarantees all of her work and promises these are the most comfortable and beautiful extensions available anywhere.